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BUGLOUD it’s a SaaS Solution Company that provides a bug bounty platform and cyber security services that connects business with penetration testers & cyber security researchers.​​​  

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Explore 'BUGLOUD Insights' for valuable perspectives on cybersecurity trends, threat intelligence, and best practices. Our expert analyses empower your business with the knowledge needed to navigate the ever-evolving digital security landscape confidently.  

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HOW. it Works

Businesses create and launch bug bounty programs on BUGLOUD, inviting skilled researchers to identify vulnerabilities. Valid findings are rewarded, helping companies enhance security swiftly and efficiently. 

Step 1
Businesses register, set up their profile, define the scope, rewards, and rules of the bug bounty program.
Step 2
BUGLOUD makes the program live, accessible to a community of vetted cybersecurity researchers.
Step 3
Researchers explore, find vulnerabilities, and submit reports through the platform.
Step 4
Businesses review submissions, validate findings, and award bounties to researchers for valid vulnerabilities.
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First Bug bounty platform in UAE for Public

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Reduce Risk
BUGLOUD offers cutting-edge cybersecurity solutions designed to minimize your organization’s cyber risk, protecting your valuable digital assets and data effectively.
Innovate Faster
Accelerate innovation confidently with BUGLOUD’s agile and robust cybersecurity solutions, designed for swift and secure adoption of the latest technologies.
Access Experts
Engage with BUGLOUD’s seasoned cybersecurity experts for personalized advice and support, bolstering your organization’s defenses against cyber threats

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BUGLOUD The preferred bug bounty platform for cybersecurity researchers! Engage with our dynamic community, contribute your expertise, and help secure digital assets for companies across the UAE. Start your BUGLOUD journey today!

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